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We are in need
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Adopting an animal that has challenges might not be something you are willing to consider at this time, but maybe you'd be willing to help in another way while they remain here with us at Gregory's until they find their forever home(s).  One way that you can help is by sponsoring ~ sponsor a rescue in need.  

All of the animals on this page have their own special stories, stories that make it more difficult to find them their forever homes.  We know the right individual or family is out there for each of these special loves, it just takes time (and patience) for them to find us.  While they wait, won't you consider being a sponsor?

To sponsor, just click on the SPONSOR ME! link.  THANK YOU!!

(If you are interested in adopting one of these wonderful animals, please review our adoption process before submitting any requests to us.  Thank you!)



Tucker is a male Staffordshire Terrier; DOB is 
approximately January 2009.  Intake date: June 2010. Tucker is deaf and, therefore,  must go to a home with adequate, above-ground fencing; no exceptions! More info. to come on Tucker but if you have questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact us.



We currently have three cats here at GGOH that have tested positive for FIV - these cats all had FIV when they were brought to us.  Each are wonderful, loving cats and each have their own unique personalities that we are sure someone out there will connect with.  

FIV+ cats can live long, happy and healthy lives when taken care of properly, meaning regular vet visits, proper diet, living in a low-stress environment and, they must remain 100% of the time indoors.  For a brief introduction on living with an FIV+ cat, please click the link provided below:

If you have any questions regarding FIV or what it might mean should you opt to bring one of these cats into your home, please give us a call or stop by to meet them face-to-face and have a chat with us.  We would be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

These cats are waiting for their special someone(s) - could you be the one?!  

Say "Hello" to Slim Shady!


Slim Shady
has been with us for several months now and had been quietly recovering from some non-FIV related issues that he encountered while living as a free-roaming cat.  A
t the time of Slim's rescue, he was very thin and had so many puncture wounds that we hardly knew where to start to nurse him back to health.  As you can see, Slim has made a remarkable recovery and is ready to be re-homed.  Slim is male, approximately 3 years old (as of Sept. 2015), up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped and neutered.  Slim is missing the tip of his right ear, presumably due to frostbite.  You'll also notice in his photo that it appears that he has a deformity on his lower lip - no deformity, just the coloring of his skin is lighter on the outside of his lip - you'll notice that his nose has the same color pattern. We, here, think it gives him kind of a cute little smirk.  :)  If you are interested in Slim Shady and would like to know more about him, just give us a call or stop by - we would be happy to discuss him with you.

Meet Robert...

Robert, 7 yrs. old, FIV+.  Robert was pulled from an area Humane Society's euthanasia list.  He is such a sweet, calm boy that we just cannot imagine why the Humane Society would not give him a chance at a life he deserves.  Robert has had some dental work while in our care as he had an abscess or two; these abscesses have left him with permanently puffy cheeks but we think his puffy little face just makes him all the more adorable!   Robert has been residing in our facility lobby and has gotten along with our other lobby cats and, he greets just about everyone that comes in the door - he loves people! 



Ms. Blue ~ female Pit Bull mix; DOB November 2012.  Ms. Blue came to GGOH at 3 months old with a congenital bone defect of her front legs. After many, many months of rehabilitation at a clinic in Burnsville, MN, we were able to prevent Blue's paws from turning all the way over onto the top of her paws which would have made it very hard for her to walk.  Casting and exercise and water therapy and hours upon hours of coaxing and she is able to live a somewhat normal life. She may walk a little different from her canine friends but this was one determined little girl with a lot of perseverance. 

Ms. Blue is one special dog!  Even though she has a disability and cannot stand up all the way in a correct position, she can still run with the big dogs.  She loves to be petted and just talked to.  Each morning when our volunteers say hello to Ms. Blue, she will exit her kennel and come over and give out big hugs (she stands up using her back legs and will literally hug your leg with her two front deformed legs). 

Won't you consider helping make her journey worth traveling. Please consider meeting Ms. Blue; you can judge for yourself how truly special this little gal is.

Intake 2/26/2013 ~  Let's get her "HOME" soon!!!


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