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A note of sadness but yet a special tribute to one of Gregory's most precious little souls.  The following was written by Colleen; Winter's savior and momma.  


May 15, 2015


Easier said then done, "goodbye". It's no good when you're the one whose goodbye you swore would never come...

It is with a heavy heart that I write this evening. There are those times in rescue where it just doesn't matter what I do, or how much I bargain with the man upstairs; I cannot change the path on which I or my special rescue friends travel. I have known a very special little cat for a few years now, her name was Winter. Arriving at GGOH via a rescue I did at a home where Winter, barely a year old and a very tiny cat, was trying to survive by keeping warm in a makeshift cat house on a very, very cold January evening. This little love was covered in her own feces and was so very frightened. She was taken immediately to the vet's office where she was cleaned up and then given an exam, fluids, heat therapy and some medications to help her begin to recover before returning with me to her new temporary home, Gregory's.

Like so many others that reside at GGOH, Winter had learned to fit in. Having arrived with a respiratory infection, eye infections and being very malnourished, Winter over time, did well. She never really grew very big, never weighing more than 4 lbs. but she was 4 lbs. of love. Winter began her life with us here and she was a cat who kept to herself until one day she was not feeling well so I made a vet visit with her to see what we might be up against. During this illness Winter decided I was well worth trusting; we became friends. I, helping her through her illness and she, teaching me about patience and unconditional love. You see, even though I could not fix her, like I try so many times to do with the broken souls that come to GGOH, she knew I would not stop trying and she used all her will to fight. She rallied in her condition. Then over the next few years she began to skip meals, have digestive problems and went down below 3 lbs. We struggled; we did every test we could but with no answers, we had to accept where Winter was at and try to keep her stable and comfortable. We were okay for awhile; then the decline started. This little special loving soul fought to the end; she wouldn't give up.  I held her and let her know "it was okay to go, you gave it all you had" and that she was very loved.  Even though I know I can't fix them all, and some tell me to realize "you can't save them all", she was worth every minute, every hour and every day of my time in providing what I hoped she knew as her "home" while on this earth.

I stood this evening upon returning from saying goodbye to this little special soul, looking out the window, when my attention was brought to where a bird was just sitting in a puddle of water in the parking lot. As I watched him, he dipped his head into the water; he almost danced around ever so lightly, splashing in the water, and then he looked right in my direction. He was so happy. Nothing holding him down, just enjoying the water, the air, his life. For a moment I believe it was my sign to know that my little peanut was now free, nothing holding her down, the wind at her back while she now can roam the fields. The bird, within minutes, turned and flew up toward the sky as my sweet Winter has done. Go free, go far, go in peace Winter. I love you to the moon and back!

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