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Gregory's Gift of Hope currently requires adoptive homes to have suitable outdoor containment in place before an adoption is granted - there are no exceptions. (See below for details on what is considered suitable containment.)

Some dogs may be allowed to go to homes with professionally installed electronic fencing systems; acceptance of this alternative containment system is solely up to the discretion of GGOH. Additionally, if an electronic containment system is to be used, the adoptive party must agree to our "terms and conditions" in that if their choice of an electronic fencing system does not adequately contain the adopted dog, they will, without hesitation, install another containment option.

While Gregory’s fencing policy may seem extreme, please understand that this policy is in place with our rescue’s best interests at heart. The goal of our fencing policy is to minimize the risk of serious injury to the animal you are considering taking into your home. Things happen, often without intent, and an animal can end up running at large; outdoor containment lessens the odds of this happening. Additionally, fencing helps to keep predators out while the dog remains safely contained. Our policies are not in place to deny an animal a good home, but rather to ensure our rescues are placed in the safest possible environment. Over the years we have taken in many dogs that have been lost and injured, some finding their way back home, others not. When you've seen the things that we have, over and over and over again, fencing simply makes sense. We understand that this might mean that our rescues remain with us for a longer period of time while waiting for a suitable adoptive situation and we are okay with this, as we are fully committed to finding the best, and safest, environment for our rescues. We are firm in regards to this policy but we are also willing to discuss various containment options with you so if you have questions, please let us know.  

If you cannot meet our fencing policy, please don't give up on adoption as an option. While we don't advocate having dogs without proper containment, we know there are other rescue services out there who do not have a policy such as ours (although you will find many do). We ask that you please continue your search for a rescue dog that meets your needs and we thank you for your understanding as we truly do believe that our rescues deserve the very best life that we can provide for them. They are our children and we want nothing more than for them to find safe, loving homes.


Suitable outdoor containment simply put, is fencing of some type to contain the dog from running at large while doing double duty by keeping predators out.  Each of our rescues is going to require a different fencing situation so until we either know which dog you are interested in, or the type of fencing you currently have to match a dog to it, it’s not a clear-cut answer on what “suitable” means.  

Our basic guidelines: 

* As a general rule, smaller dogs require less room for elimination and exercise while conversely, larger dogs need a larger area for the same needs. 

* If the dog you are interested in requires above ground fencing, the fencing must be a minimum of 3ft. in height, stationary and stable; i.e. galvanized chain link, wrought iron, privacy type wood, etc. 

* Chicken wire or other flexible fencing is not acceptable nor are portable play-pen type enclosures or small stand-alone kennels. 

* Under-ground invisible fencing may be acceptable, and even preferable (think fence jumpers), for some dogs but it must be in place and functioning before an adoption is granted.  A professionally installed system is required and initial training must be done by the system's installer.

* The fenced in area must be directly attached to an entrance/exit door of the home – in our experience, containment systems that are not attached to the home do not get used as intended (think winter trips across the yard to contain the dog – it just doesn’t happen).

Again, each dog will have a unique set of requirements to meet but in short, we are looking for a containment system that will keep the dog you wish to adopt safe, happy and healthy. 

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