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All cats shown are available for adoption and are on-site unless stated otherwise.

Gregory's Gift of Hope has in place fencing, declawing and indoor living policies.
We ask that you review these policies before submitting your application.


Also, please be aware that we have a 100 mile radius limitation on our adoption area from our facility in New Richmond, WI.  Before contacting us, please make sure you are within distance as indicated.  Thank you.

Antonio comes to us from the euthanasia list of a Twin Cities shelter.  He was an owner surrender due to the owner having out-of-state medical needs.  He is a friendly, affectionate boy (seeks attention) and known to do a bit of "play biting" per the owner but nothing serious; in other words, a typical cat for his age of just over one year.  DOB 2/4/2016.  Antonio is FIV/FeLV neg., is up-to-date on all his vaccinations, micro-chipped and neutered.  His ear was tipped when neutered (prior to coming to us).  We are told Antonio was an indoor cat and was the only animal in the home; he has been adjusting well in our multi-cat environment. This is one beautiful cat! 

Baby Oranges was brought to GGOH after a family found her in their garage.  She came to us at just a mere 10 days old - so tiny and frail; intake date 4/28/2016.  She is now healthy and happy and ready to find her new forever home.  Baby Oranges is being fostered off-site so please contact us to arrange a meeting if you are interested in her.  

Belinda is almost 6 years old. A beautiful Calico who we believed did not deserve to be on the euthanasia list at the Humane Society. Discarded by her owner she was stressed at the HS and was supposedly urinating next to her litter box. Since being with us at GGOH, she has been the perfect little lady with no litterbox issues that we've observed.  Belinda is a very sweet cat who needs some time and understanding but mostly, LOVE & PATIENCE.

Bella is a Dilute Calico; DOB approx. Jan. 2016; up-to-date on all vaccinations; spayed.  Bella came to us in August 2016 as a stray found at a work shop in Prescott, WI.  The gentleman that brought her in was afraid his co-workers were going to harm her as they had made threats if she wasn't removed from the property in short order.  Bella came to us with a spinal injury and was experiencing pain in her rear quarters; Bella's tail was surgically removed to reduce her pain.  We also learned that her spinal injury caused some nerve damage and due to this, Bella is unable to control her bladder and bowels - we are hopeful, however, that over time her nerves will regenerate and she will regain sensation in this area.  Bella is a sweet, beautiful girl and she deserves the chance at a full and happy life - do you have room in your heart for our sweet Bella?   

Birdie is a female, short hair, all black beauty!  DOB approx. April 2015 ~ 1 year old (as of Apr. 2016).  She is up-to-date on vaccinations and has been spayed.  Birdie came to GGOH as a stray transfer in mid-February 2016.  Birdie is a quiet little gal who gets along well with other cats and can, in fact, often be found snuggled up with one or two.  Black cats often are overlooked as people see them as bad luck - we think this sweet kitty is going to be the one to turn that thinking around.  She is absolutely wonderful!  


Bocce is a female, DSH, approximately 7 months old as of Jan. 2016. She is mostly white with black on her face and tail. Bocce was brought to GGOH as a stray, wandering around the town of New Richmond looking for help and a bite to eat.  She was so small and helpless; we just couldn't turn her away.  Bocce is a sweet little thing, just waiting her turn for a furever home - could you be the one she could call her own?   

Boz is a female, DSH gray/brown Tabby, approx. 2 years old (as of Mar. 2016),  Up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed. Microchipped.  Intake date - 2/12/16.  Boz was brought in as a stray; a concerned person was feeding her but they were worried about colder temps that were forecasted for our area and what that might mean for Boz.  Gregory's was there to help!  Boz is a quiet cat that would love to have her own person, one that could give her all the attention she deserves.  Could you be the one to give this gorgeous girl her forever home?


Buttons Too is a male, DSH, Orange Tabby.   Approx. 9 years old (as of 5/2017).  Front declawed.  Up-to-date on vaccinations, neutered and micro-chipped.  Buttons came to us from the euthanasia list at a shelter in the Twin Cities.  Buttons was an owner surrender and upon his surrendered, he was ill.  Buttons' owner had opted to surrender rather than address his medical issues.  We are happy to report, after a few weeks of TLC, Buttons is back on track, healthy, and ready for adoption.  This fella is a little shy, but he warms up pretty quickly - his favorite way to say hello is to stretch out and up on your leg and do a little front paw paddling - no worries though, he can't hurt you as he has no front claws.  Buttons isn't much for being held and he's kind of the "on my own terms" kind of cat but we're sure he has a match out there somewhere.  His perfect match will be patient and understanding and be okay with the time Buttons will ask of you as he settles in.  We can tell you this much though, he is a talker - if you're looking for a good conversationalist, Buttons is your man!  This guy loves to chat it up!!  Are you getting the warm feelies over this handsome guy?  Why not stop in and meet him - he'll be ready and waiting for you!


Buzzy is a male, brown/gray DSH Tabby; 
approximate DOB is April, 2007; front declawed.  Buzzy arrived at Gregory's (in 2008) when his little girl who owned him developed allergies.  Her mother contacted us after she tried to let her daughter keep Buzzy, as she loved him so, but the allergies were so severe it caused continual itching.  Through it all Buzzy's little girl pleaded with her mom to keep him and promised she would take medication.  You can imagine how hard it was to take him away from a little girl who was willing to sacrifice her own health for her little pal.  Please help us get Buzzy into a home; we promised we would make sure he was loved, which we have done, but we have not kept our promise yet of finding him a new home. Buzzy is a gentle giant, as one would say. He loves a good nap and would make a great lap cat!  Buzzy gets along well with other cats and would do fine in a home with other cat(s) or would do equally as well on his own.  Buzzy truly is a gem; if you're in the market for a calm, older cat, Buzzy could be the one for you!


Donovan ~ B/D 2008. Neutered male, up to date on vaccinations, Feline Leuk (-), and microchipped.  Donovan is a very friendly, loving cat.  He was brought here to us at GGOH after he was observed sitting on the roadside in Somerset, WI - as he had been sitting in the same spot for several hours, the concerned party began to worry that he had no home.  Perhaps he was sitting there waiting for his owner to come back thinking, "Did I get dumped here?  What could I possibly have done to be left like this?"  No worries sweet Donovan, we'll take care of you and find you a new, purrrfect home where you will be loved beyond words. Could you be his new forever love, the one he showers with gentle head butts and sweet little kisses?  Donovan is currently in foster so please call ahead if you wish to meet him so that we can make arrangements to have him her on site.


Elton is a male, gray mix DSH Tabby; DOB May 2011.  Elton came to GGOH, along with four other kittens, after being found in a dumpster.  It is just truly sad when animals are thrown away like trash - GGOH could not take the chance of having this group of kittens be euthanized and therefore, stepped up to the plate; these kittens deserved better than being considered trash.  Elton started off a bit shy, but he's come a long, long way.  He likes a gentle approach and soft touches.  He is going to make someone a wonderful pet - are you his match?  

Fifi is a 9 mos. old female (as of May 2017); Orange/White DSH Tabby.  Spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations.  Fifi came to us from the euthanasia list of a Twin Cities shelter - her reason for being on the euth. list; "not placeable in a shelter setting".  Quite honestly, we have no idea why she was labeled this way because further down in her shelter listing the description read
"...the cat is friendly and affectionate. No Litter Box issues. Gets along with other cats (playful)".  How does a playful, affectionate cat end up on a euthanasia list - good question!  Fifi is a very sweet cat, and yes, she really is only 9 months old - we know her plump pictures would say otherwise, but it's true.  One caution with this girl, we do know she does like to play nibble so we recommend that she be placed in a home with children that are able to understand what these nibbles are - she does not bite, but she has kitten teeth so her nibbling might scare a very young child - older children she would do fine with. So, if you're looking for a young, playful girl that's fun and affectionate - she may just be the one for you!


Freddie is a male, DMH; neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations; DOB approx. 10/2012.  Freddie Cat, as we like to call him, is still adjusting to his environment here at Gregory's - he's aggressive and shy with people but we know in time he will settle down and be a great companion.  Freddie will need an experienced pet owner who has a lot of patience and is willing to wait for Freddie to come to them. Freddie does fine with other cats and you will often find him cuddled in a corner with one of his cat mates. He is not food aggressive or territorial.  He simply needs time and patience.

Gnome is a male, B/D May 2016. Up-to-date on vaccinations and neutered.  Gnome had a rough start in life, a lone kitten found at only 7 - 10 days old, Gnome had several bouts with some medical issues but has become extremely healthy and is a very happy kitten. He is very friendly and loves to cuddle.  And yes, he is cross-eyed but that doesn’t slow him down!  He is full of energy just as any kitten should be.  Gnome is currently in foster - please call ahead and we will be sure to have Gnome on site and ready to meet you.  Adopt Love!


is a handsome male cat, a bit on the bigger side; approximately 3 years old (as of Oct. 2016). He is mostly gray with some brown/white tossed in for good measure. Grady loves to play and loves to have your attention. He does well with other cats, often being found snuggling with our resident kittens. Grady is a fun cat! And as much as he likes to play, he likes to sit on your lap and be petted equally as well. If you've got lovin' to hand out, Grady will be right there to take it all in!!  Grady is up-to-date on vaccinations, is neutered, and is micro-chipped.

Gwen was brought to GGOH as a stray, found roaming the local Wal-Mart parking lot.  She is a beautiful girl, approx. 5 years old (April 2017); front declawed and spayed.  We assume Gwen was someone's pet but with no micro-chip, her owner was unable to be found.  Gwen gets along well with other cats and doesn't seem to be too concerned with dogs.  Her personality can be a little on the feisty side (although this may calm down as she's still quite new to our GGOH family) so right now we saying she should not go to a home with young children.  Please stop in and meet Gwen - she may be just the cat you're looking for!


Houston is a male, gray/white DSH; DOB approximately June 2013.  Houston and his pal Tony were brought to GGOH after being found as strays.  He is a beautiful cat with soft, smooth fur.  He is a wee bit skittish around new people but he's coming along nicely in that regard - we continue to work with Houston daily to help him overcome this.  If you have the patience and time to show Houston some love, we know he will make you glad that you chose him to be your adopted pet.  Should you like to speak with someone about Houston's progress, feel free to stop in or of course, you can always just give us a call.                


Jackie ~ female, medium hair tuxedo, approx. 3 yrs. (12/2016).  Up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed. Jackie came to GGOH as a pull from a MN Humane Society where she was on their euthanasia list due to being shy; yes, to be put down because she is shy.  We here at GGOH think that is obviously no reason to take a life. Jackie is a bit shy when you first approach her but within 30 seconds she is pushing against your hand wanting to be pet and her little purr box starts up almost immediately.  Jackie will need a bit of transition time to get used to new surroundings but we guarantee you, if you choose to adopt this sweet girl, you will soon see she was worth the wait.  

Jackie is currently being fostered - please call ahead to let us know of your interest so we can have her on site when you come to meet her.

JJ ~ Female; approx. 6 mos. as of 12/14/16).  Up-to-date on vaccinations; spayed.  JJ came to us from another rescue who was overly full and needed some help taking a few of their cats off their hands.  JJ is a little shy at first but she warms up quickly. Beautiful little girl with a big purr!  JJ is an active, playful kitten, just as one would expect her to be.  Adopt love!


Kyle is a male, gray/brown/white mix Tabby; DOB is unknown but we known he is young, under the age of 5 (as of 10/2015). Kyle was found by one of our volunteers, hiding behind the dumpster on GGOH's property - as you can imagine, he was terribly frightened.  He is a shy cat and will take some time to warm up to you - we did work with Kyle in a foster situation and made some progress and he is now currently residing on site at GGOH, getting along fairly well with our other rescues.  Kyle is very much in need of a quiet, loving environment to call home - can you provide him with that?  If so, why not show him some love and opt to adopt this special boy.


Koko is a female, gray/black tabby; 9 years old (Mar. 2017).  Up-to-date on vaccinations; spayed.  Koko came to GGOH in partnership with Ruff Start Rescue after being pulled from the Humane Society euthanasia list.  Koko was on the euth. list simply because she was scared and not being super social - let us tell you, this girl is VERY social!  Many animals enter the H.S. and are scared of their new, sudden surroundings and to us, that is no reason to be placed on a euthanasia list - we'd be scared, too, if suddenly placed in a cold, metal cage wondering what we did to end up there and wondering when our family was coming back. Thankfully, we got to this girl in time!  Koko was with us less than 24 hours and once able to again be free-roaming, she bounced back and was very social, not afraid of anything, and looking for love from anyone who would hand it out.  Koko is a petite girl with large, gorgeous eyes and a personality to match.  Koko does well with other cats but she would thrive at her fullest if she were an only cat and could soak up all the attention.  If you're interested in meeting Koko, stop in during visiting hours and we'll introduce you.

My adoption fee has been waived; I have a sponsor!

Lenny is around 18 months old (as of Nov. 2014; DOB is roughly May 2013) and has been here at Gregory's since he was just a wee kitten.  Lenny came to us with his brother when found by a nice gentleman at a farm where the farmer didn't really care a whole lot about what happened to them and because of that, they weren't doing very well.  Lenny and his sibling had been abandoned by their mother for unknown reasons.  Lenny's sibling was lucky enough to be adopted quite some time ago while Lenny is still patiently waiting.  He's a sweet boy and very, very friendly.  He has gorgeous golden eyes, as you can see from his profile pic - truly a stunning cat!   He does well with grooming, allowing a good brushing and regular nail trims.  We are certain he will do well in most any indoor environment.  Won't you stop in and meet Lenny ~ he'll be so happy if you do!

Levi is approx. 19 months old (as of Jan. 2017); male, orange/white tabby.  Levi came to us in July of 2015 as a stray, brought in by some very concerned citizens who simply couldn't take him in; we were glad to help.  He came in as many strays do, with general issues such as ear mites, a rumbly tummy and a fear of the unknown but after just a little bit of care and a lot of lovin', Levi is in full health and rarin' to go.  Just look at how beautiful he is!  He sure is a sweet boy.  


Lola came to GGOH in August 2014 as a rescue after being abandoned and left to fend for herself in horrid living conditions. Lola was part of a group of 8 kittens and 4 young adults that were left behind and were living in a flea infested garage with no food and only rainwater to drink that was collecting in a dirty oil pan that was sitting outside the garage door.  The only shelter these cats had was that garage and to get to it, they had to walk over broken beer bottles, glass from windows that had been shattered out of two cars in the driveway, and mounds of filthy trash.  Lola was very skinny and was showing signs of her environment but she was lovable and gentle and not afraid of humans in any way.  Today she is happy and healthy.  If you'd like more information on Lola, feel free to contact us or simply stop in during visiting hours.  Lola would be happy to show you some lovin'!  

Luna, just about a year old (Dec. 2016) was discarded by her owner because she did not get along with the dog they got. Dropped at the HS she was deemed unadoptable due to this and was then placed on the euthanasia list. Well, they must have felt bad because she was removed from there and placed in the Barn Cat Program. Seeing her on the euth list and then the barn cat list, we decided this was not a place for her as she had been an indoor cat so we stepped in with the help of Fur-Ever Home Rescue and pulled Luna from the HS.  She is a beautiful girl, a little reserved and shy and needs an adoptive home that will give her the space she requires to feel safe.  We have not introduced her directly to dogs, but she is not phased at all by their barking in another area of our facility.  Luna is spayed, up-to-date on all vaccinations and is micro-chipped.  

Malcom ~ Male, DSH Brown Tabby.  12 mos. as of Mar. 2017.  Neutered, micro-chipped, up-to-date on vaccinations.  Malcom was a save from the AHS euthanasia list - when we saw this young boy, we knew we had to step up and save his life.  Malcom is a friendly cat but he has his a couple of little quirks; there are a select few cats in our facility that he doesn't get along with too well - considering the number of cats we have in our facility, not getting along with one or two seems pretty minor to us.  Still, we feel Malcom probably would do best in a home without other cats.  Malcom also is not very fond of being held - again, this isn't unusual as many cats don't like to be held but we need you to know this although he's pretty young yet and he may very well grow out of that.  He may also be very different when he's in a home and has the freedom to just be himself and not be on the lookout for those other cats he's not real fond of.  Our recommendation for Malcom is a home without children.  Malcom does, however, love to play and likes to sit on your lap and be petted. He likes chin scratches and LOVES treats.  And he LOVES attention - if you want a kitty to chat with, Malcom is your boy!  If you think you might be Malcom's match, why not stop in for a visit.

Margo is another of the young adult cats that were brought to GGOH as rescues from a hoarding/garbage home situation in August/September 2014.  Margo had been doing her best to survive in unhealthy living conditions while raising 4 kittens; Tripod, Trixster, Richie and Iris (Richie and Iris are still available for adoption).  Two of her precious kittens had suffered serious injuries with Tripod losing a front leg due to a major infection which had settled in a laceration that was not repairable and, Iris, losing an eye due to a puncture wound that went too long without treatment.  Margo was a great momma and would hunt day and night for food to keep her babies alive and it was evident by her size, that most of the food she did find went to those babies. Since coming to GGOH in September (which was when the photo above was taken), Margo has seen to it that she's gotten all the food she wants and suffers no more from an empty belly; she's grown into a very happy, healthy cat who maybe could be called just a little plump.  :)  Margo is a beautiful cat and is very well mannered.  She gets along well with other cats and doesn't mind sharing her space with a canine or two.  She is very affectionate and is content as can be just to sit by your side and have you give her a stroke or two if you're handing them out.  We believe Margo to be roughly 18 months old; she has been spayed and is up-to-date on vaccinations.  Won't you please consider this beauty of a cat - we promise you'll be happy that you did! 


Marty Jr. is a male, orange/white Tabby.  Marty was brought to GGOH in June of 2013 when he was found as a very young kitten on a New Richmond, WI roadside. He was only a few weeks old so it was amazing that he had survived while waiting for someone to find him. Marty has grown into a very handsome boy! He is a very friendly, sweet cat who would love nothing more than to find a new lap to hang out in and just get some loving; of course he is more than willing to give lots of love too.  Marty does well with other cats and with children of all ages.  He has been neutered and is up-to-date on vaccinations.

Max came to GGOH after being contacted by a local vet who was treating him as a surrendered cat - he had a fracture sustained after being hit by a car.  Max's injuries were fairly severe and although he has healed and is doing very, very well, he will need to be on joint medication for the remainder of his life to help ease any pain that may surface down the road.  Max is a big boy; larger than your average cat but it doesn't slow him down, nor do his mended fractures.  He is one big cuddle bug!  Max does well with other cats but he tends to stay to himself so we'd really like to see him go to a home where he is going to be the recipient of lots and lots of attention and that might mean, to a home where he is the only cat.  Max is 9.5 yrs. as of Aug. 2016. If you're looking for a big, sweet, handsome, older boy, Max may just be the one for you!

Mocha is a female, black/brown/auburn Domestic Long Hair.  Mocha's DOB is approximately May 2011.  Mocha came to GGOH as a walk-in/drop-off; she came to us cold, starved and weighing only 2 pounds.  When Mocha arrived at GGOH, her fur was a completely different color than it is now in the photo above as she was severely vitamin deficient from lack of a proper diet - you would never know it now though as her fur is beautifully long and shiny with an amazing auburn glow. Mocha loves to be petted and revels in any affection given to her and if you are looking for a lap cat, Mocha is your gal!


is a female, DSH, gray/white Tabby.  Current age undetermined but we are fairly certain she is under 5 years of age (as of May 2017).  Mona was found on a loading dock where she had given birth to four kittens - momma and babies were brought to GGOH by the company's employees who had found her and were understandably concerned for her and her kittens' well-being. One of our wonderful volunteers took Mona and her kittens in as fosters and helped Mona to overcome her fear of humans and to introduce her kittens to a life with human interaction.  All of her kittens have been adopted into loving homes yet Mona remains in foster.  If you are interested in meeting Mona, please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements to have her here on site for you when you come.  

Monty is a male DSH Orange Tabby; DOB 4/5/07.  Monty is up-to-date on vaccinations, neutered and front declawed.  Monty came to us as an owner surrender - he had been turned over to a local vet for euthanasia.  We do not have specifics on why Monty was surrendered and we certainly cannot figure out why - he is a love!  Monty is just one big, quiet, lovable hunk.  Just look at that face!  Monty has been doing well here with us and has been getting along with his new room mates without issue.  He does well with children and doesn't seem to be bothered by the sounds of dogs on the other side of the door, although we haven't introduced him directly to any at this time.  We're pretty sure he'd do just fine though - nothing seems to faze this big sweetheart. 

is a female, gray/black/white DSH Tabby.  DOB approximately May 2009.  Olivia was a stray found running around outside our facility.  Olivia is a sassy girl with a big attitude; she likes to be petted, but on her terms only and will tell you when she's had enough.  Don't let this deter you though because she really is one lovable and likable cat - although she would do best in a home without young children as they may not be able to understand her unspoken signals.  Olivia would also do best in a home without younger animals as she sometimes can become a bit perturbed by their youthful antics.  If you think you'd be a good match for Olivia, feel free to stop in for a visit as that truly would be the best way for you to assess her unique qualities.

Prince Pepper is a male, DSH Tuxedo.  Approx. 6 mos. (Sept. 2016).  Prince came to GGOH as an owner surrender when his owner could not afford vetting for an intestinal issue.  Turns out, Prince just needed the right food and a little TLC and he was good to go.  This little guy is FULL OF LOVE!  He is super sweet and so gentle - when held, he loves to put his little paws on your face and touch your nose.  Prince is up-to-date on all his vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.  We have been introducing Prince to regular cat chow mixed with his special diet food and so far he's been doing well.  We would recommend this combination going forward to keep things in check.  If you're looking for a playful kitten who is very, very lovable and quite the Prince Charming, our little Prince Pepper is the one for you!

Richie came to GGOH as a rescue in Sept. 2014; he was approximately 8 weeks old upon intake.  (Photo is Richie in March 2016 at 20 mos.)  Richie was found abandoned and living in despicable conditions along with three siblings, his mother, his father, and two other adult female cats.  This handsome boy has been learning his manners and his socialization skills during his time spent with us here at GGOH and he's coming along fabulously!   He's a bit shy around new people, but that is understandably so given he had very little human interaction for the first 8 weeks of his life.  He's adapting quickly though and he's sure to be winning over the hearts of everyone he meets in no time.  If you’d like to know more about Richie, feel free to contact GGOH or just stop in for a visit.  We'll let him know you're coming!

Robert ~ 7 yrs. old (10/2016), FIV+.  Robert was pulled from an area Humane Society's euthanasia list.  He is such a sweet, calm boy that we just cannot imagine why the Humane Society would not give him a chance at a life he deserves.  Robert has had some dental work while in our care as he had an abscess or two; these abscesses have left him with permanently puffy cheeks but we think his puffy little face just makes him all the more adorable!   Robert has been residing in our facility lobby and has gotten along with our other lobby cats and, he greets just about everyone that comes in the door - he loves people!  

Rocky ~  Russian Blue; Male; 12 yrs. old (Mar. 2017).  Up-to-date on vaccinations; neutered; diabetic.  Rocky is one amazing boy!  He may be 12 and he may have a special need (diabetes), but he is worth every single once of love you are willing to hand out to him - he is the sweetest, cuddliest, most loving cat!  As stated, he does have diabetes but don't let that scare you off - he is a champ about taking his meds. Diabetes is relatively easy to control and we'll train you on how to help Rocky remain in a healthy state should you decide to add this boy to your family.  Rocky was pulled from the Humane Society's euthanasia list as they felt his diabetes was a reason to end his life - we beg to differ!  Diabetes is not a reason to end a life - we wouldn't expect a human's life to be disregarded because of diabetes and we don't think an animal's life is any less important.  If you agree with us and would like to meet Rocky and possibly give him the home he deserves, stop in during our regular visiting hours - we would be happy to introduce you!


Rossi & Hotch ~ FELV+ ~ In need of Foster!

Meet Hotch and Rossi ~ 8-9 mos. (Mar. 2017)

We would love to find a foster home for these sweet boys and if possible, we'd like them to stay together as they have bonded in their time with us here at GGOH. They are both Feline Leukemia positive. As part of our foster program, all medical for these boys will be covered by Gregory's. They very sweet kittens who are energetic, love to run around and play, and as most kittens do, they love to snuggle.  Both are in general good health but as they are FELV+, they need to go to a home without other cats or, but introduced into a home where another FELV+ cat is already present.  If you think you could help us out and fostering would work for you, please contact us so we can talk about these sweet boys in further detail with you.   

is a male, gray DSH; DOB estimated to be sometime in 2012.  Silky was found by a private citizen wandering around; presumably a stray.  This lovable boy has, as his name implies, a gorgeous silky coat of fur - he is wonderful to hold and nuzzle with and he allows it without protest!  And as if the picture above doesn't already tell you this, he has the most amazing eyes! Come on in a sit a spell with Silky - we're pretty sure if you do, you won't want to leave without him!

Silvie is a gray/white DSH female, approx. 15 months (as of 5/2017).  She is current on vaccinations, micro-chipped and FIV/FeLV negative.  Silvie was a stray that had been living in a colony of cats and was being cared for by a very kind woman - Silvie's colony mates all left the area but Silvie remained.  This kind woman was very worried about Silvie being by her lonesome so she reached out to local rescues and in turn, one of those rescues contacted us for help and well, here's Silvie!  This gorgeous girl is very, very sweet and she loves being petted - and oh boy does she love people!  She's a bit shy with her new cat friends here at GGOH but we are certain she'll warm up in no time being that she did come from a colony and was used to being around other cats.  If you think you might be a match for Silvie, stop in during visiting hours and say "hello"!


Slim Shady (FIV+) has been with us for several months now and had been quietly recovering from some non-FIV related issues that he encountered while living as a free-roaming cat.  At the time of Slim's rescue, he was very thin and had so many puncture wounds that we hardly knew where to start to nurse him back to health.  As you can see, Slim has made a remarkable recovery and is ready to be re-homed.  Slim is male, approximately 3 years old (as of Sept. 2015), up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped and neutered.  Slim is missing the tip of his right ear, presumably due to frostbite.  You'll also notice in his photo that it appears that he has a deformity on his lower lip - no deformity, just the coloring of his skin is lighter on the outside of his lip - you'll notice that his nose has the same color pattern.  We, here, think it gives him kind of a cute little smirk.  :)  If you are interested in Slim Shady and would like to know more about him, just give us a call or stop by - we would be happy to discuss him with you.

Snowey was an owner surrender by proxy.  Snowey's owner had abandoned him with family members and that family did their best to give Snowey a good home but it just wasn't working out with their current situation - turning to us to help, we took Snowey in with open arms.  Snowey is a 9 month old (as of 5/2017) Tabby mix neutered male.  Very friendly little fella and boy, does he love attention. Gorgeous young fella, too!

Susie Q is a female, shorthair Calico.  Age, approx. 18 mos. to 2 years. Up-to-date on vaccinations.  Intake date, 3/5/16.  Susie Q was found wandering around one of the banks in town.  As Susie Q appeared to have an eye injury, they were not sure what to do - GGOH to the rescue! Susie Q has been seen by our local vet and has been evaluated as to the condition of her eye.  We are treating Susie Q with meds to take down the inflammation that is currently going on and will be doing further evaluation at a later date.  The early consensus though is that she has an underdeveloped eye and the third eyelid is up to protect the eye. Although she is blind in this eye, the eye itself can hopefully be saved.  Susie Q is a sweet little gal, very friendly, gets along well with other cats and adjusted well to living in a busy shelter in no time and we are certain she will do the same when she finds her new forever home.   UPDATE:  As of June 2016, Susie Q's bad eye remains in place.  The infection is gone and the eye, while non-seeing, doesn't seem to bother her so we are leaving well enough alone.  Susie Q is in foster so please call ahead to let us know of your interest so that we can have Susie Q on site for you to meet.


Tator is a female, black/white DSH; DOB is unknown but estimated to be sometime in 2008.  Tator, along with Tot (who is also available for adoption) were brought to GGOH after being found living in a car with another sibling and their mother.  It is believed that they had been born into that situation and had remained there until they had been found. Tator is a bit shy but warms up to you once your trust has been displayed to her satisfaction.  She is a healthy, if not a bit plum girl and is definitely not one for making much noise.  We'd love to have you come in for a visit with her - maybe she'll be the one you've been searching for.

Tiger is a male, DSH gray Tabby; 6+ yrs. as of Mar. 2017 - DOB 7/18/11.  Up-to-date on vaccinations; neutered; FELV/FIV (-). Tiger came to us from a private party who pulled him from the euth. list at another shelter.  Tiger was initially found as a stray in someone's garden, nearly lifeless and in immediate need of medical care.  Tiger was nursed back to health and then placed in a shelter for adoption - we're not sure why he ended up on the euth. list but we are grateful to the person who saw his potential and saved him.  Tiger is a sweet boy but he needs a home where he can be with adults and older children who understand his signals - Tiger does not like being petted on his back quarters and will nip if over stimulated in that area.  Do not let this deter you though - he is a very affectionate boy, he just doesn't like that type of petting.  It's just a little quirk - not a big deal - he has plenty of wonderful traits that you'll find very charming; for instance, head pats and chin scratches - now those he loves!  If you have a home that would suit our sweet boy and you think you'd be a good match for him, stop in during visiting hours and we'll introduce you.


Tony is a male, buff/white DSH; DOB approximately June 2013.  Tony, along with Houston (who is also available for adoption) were brought to GGOH after being found as strays.  He is a beautiful cat with soft, smooth fur.  He is definitely skittish around new people but he's coming along nicely in that regard - we continue to work with him daily to help him overcome this.  He is to the point that he will come up to you if you have treats or food to offer him.  Given more time and a little bit of patience, we know that he will continue to make progress.  If you have the patience and time to show Tony some love, we know he will make a great pet.  Should you like to speak with someone about Tony's progress, feel free to stop in or of course, you can always just give us a call.

Tot is a male, black/white DSH; DOB is unknown but estimated to be sometime in 2008.  Tot, along with Tator (who is also available for adoption) were brought to GGOH after being found living in a car with another sibling and their mother. It is believed that they had been born into that situation and had remained there until they had been found.  Tot is super friendly and will allow you to hold him and stroke his head and back and he will lounge in your lap and purr like crazy, too.  Feathers are a favorite toy - he'll bat at them happily when offered to him.  He is such a sweetheart and we truly will miss him once he finds his forever home.

Truffles was brought to Gregory's after she had appeared at someone's home and would not leave. About 7-8 months old (as of April 2016), small at only 6 lbs on intake, Tortie, female, up-to-date on vaccinations and ready to find a new loving home.

Twitch is a neutered male, Orange Tabby mix; 8 years old.  Up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped, and FLV negative.  Intake date 4/9/2015.  Twitchers, as his former owner called him, had been abandoned in a home, for the past several months, left to fend for himself.  His owner, had entrusted a housemate to look after him while he sought medical attention for himself. The housemate left Twitch behind in the home when he moved out and left him very little food and water; the housemate would occasionally return to check on him, but never took Twitch with him when he left again.  This is a loving, sweet, big boy of a cat who is just trying to figure out what went wrong with his life. We know there is someone out there who will want to take this big boy home and let him see all the love there is out there rather than the loneliness he has known for some very long months.  Could you be the purrfect match for Twitch?

Wallace ~ Male, Brown DSH Tabby, 12 mos. as of Mar. 2017.  Neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations and micro-chipped. Wallace was on the euthanasia list at the AHS as he was labeled unhandlable - we are here to tell you that is so far from the truth! This boy is the friendliest, cuddliest, sweetest baby you'd ever want to meet.  He clearly was just scared in the surroundings he was in - less than an hour in our care and he was lovin' up on everyone!  This little guy is simply amazing.  We don't know why anyone would think his life wasn't worth saving but we are sure glad we gave him a chance at a new life.  He is quite the amazing little fella!  

Here's some video of Wallace less than 24 hours after being with us - judge for yourself...  Wallace

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