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1) As we are a small rescue/re-home facility with an equally as small volunteer staff, at this time we are forced to limit our adoptions to suitable adopters that reside within a 100 mile radius of our facility.  Before you proceed with any adoption inquiries, be aware of where we are located in relation to your personal residence.

2) A basic list of steps is noted below, followed by a more through explanation of our policies and procedures.


Be aware that we have Fencing, Indoor Living, and Declawing policies. We will not waiver on these policies as it is our responsibility to ensure the animals in our care are placed into the safest and healthiest environment possible. No exceptions made. Links are provided below for further information.

Gregory's Gift of Hope retains all rights and maintains ownership of all animals until the adoption process is complete. 


1. Come to our facility and meet the animal you are interested in.  We will not adopt an animal out, sight unseen.

Our public visitation hours are as follows:

     Sunday: 5pm - 8pm
     Wednesday: 9am - 12noon & 5pm - 8pm
     Saturday: 9am-12noon

2. Fill out an application.  If you do not meet our requirements or if we feel you are not an appropriate match for the animal you are interested in, you will be contacted with a denial statement. 

NOTE:  If you live in an apartment, town home, condo or rent a single family home, do you have permission from your landlord or association to house an animal? Proof of this is required BEFORE we can continue with any adoption request. You may email, mail or drop off a copy of your signed rental paperwork at any time. (Email to:  WE WILL NOT CONSIDER THIS A VALID ADOPTION APPLICATION UNTIL WE HAVE THIS AUTHORIZATION IN HAND and until this authorization is received, the adoption process is stalled.  Please be sure your authorization form contains your property owner's name and phone number as we will call to validate.

3. If all requirements are met, the application then begins to be processed and references provided are checked.

4. A home visit is scheduled.

5. An exit veterinary visit takes place.

6. The animal is ready to go to its new home.


We require anyone interested in adopting an animal to visit our facility, in person, to meet the potential animal to be adopted and to complete a full adoption form, including personal and vet references. In most cases we require home visits to ensure our animals are going to a suitable environment and, when adopting a dog, if there are other dogs in the home, we require a meet & greet between dogs to ensure compatibility. 

As stated above, an outdoor containment system is required for all of our dogs, without exception. Refer to the link above for more information.

Also as stated above, we enforce an Indoor Living Policy.  Due to the drastic climate changes that can happen rapidly in our northern states, Gregory's will not approve adoptions where the animal will spend the majority of its day in an outside environment. 

Declawing of cats is prohibited.  

*We spay/neuter all animals prior to their release with the exception of those deemed too young or those who are under weight or physically unable to undergo the procedure at the time of adoption; in those instances the adoptive party will be issued a voucher to cover the cost of altering when the appropriate time presents itself.  (See note below.)

Gregory's Gift of Hope retains the right to confiscate the animal if we find that any of our contract requirements (including spay/neutering/declawing, indoor living and containment agreements) are not followed through with.

We cannot guarantee a time-frame for completion of the full process - each application has its own considerations and if there are multiple applications for the same animal, the process is obviously lengthened. Exit veterinary visits can sometimes take a few days depending on their availability. You must also take into consideration that we are an animal "rescue" facility and emergencies often arise which take precedence over everything.  We will do our best, however, to move things along in as timely a manner as we possibly can.

Our adoption fees for cats are as follows:

Seniors (8 years and older) - $150
Adults (over 6 months) - $200
Kittens (under 6 months) - $250*

Our adoption fees for dogs are as follows:

Seniors (8 years and older) - $225
Adults (over 6 months) - $325
Puppies (under 6 months) - $375*

* In some cases, our adoptable kittens may be too young to spay/neuter at the time of adoption - in these instances, we will issue a voucher for a local vet.  If  the adopter chooses not to use our vet, it then becomes the responsibility of the adoptive party to fund the spay/neuter.

Note:  the higher cost for puppies and kittens relates directly to the amount of care and frequency of vaccinations which they require.

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