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We are in need
of your help.
Please, help us
save a life!
FEES ...


Our adoption fees for cats are as follows:

Seniors (8 years and older) - $150
Adults (over 6 months) - $200
Kittens (under 6 months) - $250

What do you get when you adopt a cat or kitten from Gregory's Gift of Hope?  A LOT is what you get. All of the below is included in the adoption fee.  Gregory's also provides a lifetime of support for the feline you adopt - we are only a phone call away should you have questions or concerns.  

Distemper Combo Vaccine 
Rabies Vaccine 
Feline Leukemia & FIV Blood Test 
Deworming & Fecal 
Ear Mite Exam & Treatment 
Physical Exam
Topical Flea Preventative 
Lifetime of Love and Companionship - PRICELESS

* In some cases, our adoptable kittens may be too young to spay/neuter at the time of adoption - in these instances, we will issue a voucher for a local vet.  If  the adopter chooses not to use our vet, it then becomes the responsibility of the adoptive party to fund the spay/neuter.

                                                Mally’s Sunshine Kennels, LLC ~ A PROUD SPONSOR of Gregory's Gift of Hope!
                                          Mally's Address: 1374 HWY 65, New Richmond, WI 54017  |  Phone: (715) 246 - 2467  |
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