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Feel free to call or stop in during public visiting hours for more information about any of our animals. 
All rescues are currently kept and cared for on-site unless otherwise noted.

Gregory’s Gift of Hope, INC
1374 HWY 65
New Richmond, WI 54017

(715) 246 - 2467* 

Public Visiting Hours
For Cats
Daily; 9am -12pm & 5pm - 8pm

Public Visiting Hours
For Dogs:
Wed.; 9am -12pm & 5pm - 8pm
Sat.; 9am - 12pm
Sun.; 5pm - 8pm
(Drop-ins outside of the above visiting hours will not be serviced. Other times by appointment only.)

*If leaving a message, please allow 24-48 hours for a return call.  We do our best to return messages in a timely manner, but sometimes our animals require our immediate attention and messages must wait. Thank you for your patience!

            Gregory's Gift of Hope is a no-kill animal rescue/re-home program serving 
                       western Wisconsin's St. Croix, Pierce, and surrounding 


Click on the
orange donate button above to help Allie today.  If you wish, you can make a notation in the notes to seller that your donation is for Allie's recovery care.  Continue below to read Allie's story ...

Allie came to GGOH in December 2015 when her owners brought her to a veterinary office to be euthanized.  Allie was presented to the veterinary's office in need of surgery to repair a torn ACL but even so, when called upon, GGOH agreed to help.  The repair was made and Allie came to GGOH to rest, recoup, and recover.  Unfortunately, the repair did not hold and while trying to adjust to the pain from that injury, Allie used her good leg too much and tore the other ACL. On Tuesday, February 2nd, Allie had double ACL surgery and she is now back with us at the facility where she is receiving 24 hour care.  

Allie's first surgery was covered by us adding to our already staggering medical bills and the surgery was done on credit.  Allie's second surgery was funded in part by a group effort on the behalf of GGOH's angels - you all came through when we needed you and we are ever so grateful for that.  Now what remains, is Allie's recovery care - she will require laser therapy twice per week for 6-8 weeks; this is a must if she is to recover and heal properly.  The bills will continue to grow but we have no choice, we cannot let Allie down.  To us, and to many, Allie's life matters.

PLEASE help Allie today so that she may lead a pain free life in the future.  






We want to make sure that you are getting all the latest news and information from GGOH and sometimes we have a lot to share. Therefore, please note that the following articles are found here on our Home page; scroll down through these articles to view.

*  IN MEMORY OF A DEAR FRIEND - A tribute to Kathy Baker, as written by the founder of
         Gregory's Gift of Hope.

*  CRITICAL CROSSROADS ~ A CALL FOR ACTION! become a sustaining member and help
        save a life. 
*  HELP! -
Our washing machines are on their last days.  Looking for donations - new or used in
        good condition.  If you can help, give us a call!  715-246-2467


*   VALENTINE'S DAY KISSING BOOTH ~ Kiss a Kitty or Smooch a Pooch!  Come see us at
         Chuck & Don's in Hudson, we'll be there between noon and 3pm.  



A decision was made from above, and we were left with saying goodbye.  Just two years ago on Christmas day, a loving, generous, thoughtful and caring friend of ours left this world.  This is in memory of a very special friend of Gregory's - Kathy Baker - as written by the founder of GGOH...

Back in June of 2010 our paths crossed while trying to do what we both had in our genes; saving animals, saving lives. Kathy had called Gregory's asking if we could help a dog she had taken in from a neglectful neighbor. Percy, to Kathy, Tucker, to GGOH, was a special needs dog and she was determined to get him help. As she explained Percy's (Tucker's) story, I could hear in her voice how much she cared about this dog and his fate and I knew immediately that I had to help. It began as another call for help, but it turned into a friendship, a wonderful foster home, a great supporter of the rescue efforts of Gregory's Gift Of Hope and mostly, a connection with someone special that made me have an even stronger determination to make sure I did what I could for the animals that I was destined to encounter during my time here on earth.  

As our friendship grew, Kathy learned a lot about me and she knew of my determination to help those in need and our visits always left me knowing that she understood me, that she got me.  She understood more than most and she knew just how difficult it could be in the rescue world; understanding that it is often rewarding, but also just as often heart-breaking and disheartening.  She knew how important my efforts were and she was always there to reminded me how many lives I had changed by being there when those desperate souls were in need.  She understood my need to keep helping even in the face of defeat. She knew there was this part of me that cannot give up and when I wanted to forget, she would remind me; she knew just what to say and would revive in me the desire to help and my determination would once again be strong.  She knew that there was this part of me that existed, the part that even I do not always understand, the part that keeps going because I cannot let it go, I cannot abandon "those who speak another language". Kathy knew and she saw this part of me and she could relate because she herself was the same.  She loved animals dearly and she spoke fondly of the many that she had had over the years.  She spoke of when she was a girl on the farm and would save the strays that came along and they would become her loving pets. We would talk of how we wished it could be for the animals and how we both could not understand how humans could be so unkind and cruel to such innocent souls.  Indeed, Kathy knew a lot about me and we connected on a personal level because she, was just like me.  

I made several visits to my friend as the years passed, always looking forward to my visits. Kathy became a loving foster home to two of GGOH's senior dogs, Gemini and Scrappy. When no one else wanted these tattered old souls Kathy knew they mattered and she said "I want them". She gave them all the love they could ever have dreamed of; she never hesitated to make sure they had all the medical care they needed, and she always made sure she donated just a little more so the other GGOH rescues were not forgotten. This Christmas will not be the same for so many who knew Kathy but I am sure that I can look up in the Christmas sky and there I will find a sparkle, a glimmer of light that Kathy will shine down to protect the abandoned, the homeless, the injured and, the forgotten animals. She will watch over them knowing that I am here following that sparkle, that glimmer, searching for those souls in need.

She had to say goodbye that day but she will never be far away.

Kathleen (Peskar) Baker 1939 - December 25th, 2013

In honor of their mother, wife, sister, grandmother, friend, the Baker family has donated more than $500.00 this year from a Christmas auction that was a tradition for them while Kathy was alive. The family continues this tradition in memory of this very special woman. 

Tucker (formerly Percy) had a very special place in Kathy's heart. She knew his life mattered and she found him the help he needed.  I'm certain Tucker will never forget you, and neither will I my friend.  

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.  Until we meet again...




Gregory's Gift of Hope has found itself in a tough spot; a critical crossroads.

For several months now, GGOH has been walking the tightrope of time, hoping to reach the other side without faltering or falling. We have been struggling to keep our facility open to the public due to lack of funds coupled with the intake of several animals that have been in need of critical care.  As a rescue organization with a no-kill philosophy, this is very upsetting to all of us here who volunteer our time on a daily basis - we shudder to think that the unthinkable is very near to becoming reality. Day-to-day we hope and pray that we can continue our mission of helping those in need, both those who have yet to cross our doorstep as well as those that are currently in our care. It's stressful and troublesome but, there is hope, and that hope begins with YOU.  

It is difficult and heartbreaking to continually ask for help, but it must be done; if we do not ask, we will not receive. We currently have very few who have pledged their help by becoming a monthly sponsor and an even lesser amount of individuals who have chosen to donate on a regular basis.  Please understand that we greatly appreciate every penny we receive and to those of you who do donate regularly, your generosity is not overlooked - we are thankful for what you have been able to give and we consider you all part of our GGOH family.  Sadly though, our family is quite small. We NEED to grow our support pool and we must do it with a sense of urgency.  Now is the time to take action; we are very close to closing our doors but we have faith that this can be turned around.  

There are many ways that you can help:  

1) PLEASE consider becoming a sustaining member as this is the number one way that will help keep us from going under; you can pledge via PayPal using the "Donate" option above or you can pledge to help on a regular basis via other means (i.e. mailed donations or donations dropped off at our facility in person);

2) Making a payment on our veterinary bills ~ New Richmond Vet @ 715-246-4800 $10,100.00 balance; Hudson Pet Hospital @ 715-386-3511 $4,500.00 balance;

3) Making a donation toward our heating costs for the upcoming winter months ~ an average monthly bill during a mild winter season runs approximately $1,000.00 - $1,350.00; or

4) Pledge to sponsor your favorite rescue or sponsor a rescue who is currently receiving special medical care (ex: we have several rescues right now who are receiving medical care for treatable types of cancer).

While this may be harsh, we cannot hide the truth - without help from the animal loving community which includes people such as yourself, our rescue mission will not be able to continue, and hundreds of helpless animals in need will perish. Please do not let this happen; we know we can turn this around with your help.  Make a pledge today and share our mission with your family and friends - sharing our story and our mission will help to take us in the right direction.

For your generosity, compassion, and understanding, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts & paws! 


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 regarding canine adoptions.  
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