Mally’s Sunshine Kennels, LLC
& Gregory’s Gift of Hope, INC
New Richmond, WI
Mally’s Sunshine Kennels, LLC
& Gregory’s Gift of Hope, INC
New Richmond, WI
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Please feel free to call us or stop in for more information about any of our animals. 
All rescues are currently kept and cared for on-site.

Mally’s Sunshine Kennels, LLC
& Gregory’s Gift of Hope, INC
1374 HWY 65
New Richmond, WI 54017
Phone: (715) 246 - 2467
Hours:  Open Daily  From
8am -12pm & 4pm -8pm

We are in need of your help. Please, help us to save a life!

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Let's not let them down! We are challenging you to help us reach our goal of 100 T-Shirts to help Tripod! Won't you find it in your heart to help brighten this little guys day?
*Note: We are saddened to report we have taken in Tripods sister, Iris, who has lost her right eye due to receiving an injury to it while trying to survive in her colony as a little kitten. The funds raised for Tripod will help offset the costs Gregory's has incurred for these two precious sould during their medical treatment and aftercare. 
Click here to help Tripod

Join Gregory's Gift of Hope in the 1st Annual Northwestern Wisconsin NO-KILL Animal Walk. Help us in the fight to end senseless euthanasia's across the country. To many animals lose their lives each year due to the irresponsible behavior of humans. When animals are not altered they multiply, when they are thought of as disposable they are cast aside, when they become ill and need help they become a financial burden, hence the overcrowding in shelters, the lack of funding and the lack of help leads to the DEATH of hundreds of thousands. WON'T YOU TAKE A STAND WITH GREGORY'S, WALK FOR A BETTER TOMORROW, A WORLD WHERE ANIMAL CONTROL DOES *NOT* MEAN EUTHANASIA.  Get your friends together, four legged and all and join us in a walk to end the suffering and pain of so many. 

Sign Up Today, Come Walk For The Animals Everywhere, Meet some of the Gregory's Rescue Animals, Learn About Organizations In The Areas That re Trying To Make  A Better World For Our Four Legged Friends....

No Kill walk registration

Gregory's Gift of Hope is in great need of both cat volunteers and dog walkers. Our program cannot survive without volunteers! If you are interested in becoming a Gregory's Gift of Hope volunteer click here for more information.

Presenting the Gregory's Gift of Hope Fostering Program

Fostering is a much simpler form of adoption. Foster parents take in and care for one of the many rescue animals at Gregory’s Gift of Hope. You get all the joys of owning a rescue animal with out the long term commitment for the animal. Gregory’s Gift of Hope is implementing this foster program to try and assist the many animals who need assistance in our community in need of homes. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent please click here to learn more.

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Gregory's Gift of Hope Summer Hours:
Wednesdays-- 9am-12noon & 5pm-8pm
Sundays-- 9am-12noon & 5pm-8pm
Saturdays-- 9am-12noon & 5pm-8pm

Click Here to see where your donation goes.


Wednesdays 9 am -12 noon & 5pm - 8pm
Saturdays 9am - 12 noon &
5pm - 8pm
Sundays 9am- 12 noon & 5pm - 8pm

Other times MUST be by Appointment only. We appreciate you wanting to adopt a rescue animal but with limited manpower we must always make sure the animals are our 1st priority. Thank you in advance for you’re cooperation in this matter

Gregory’s Gift of Hope is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable shelter for abandoned, homeless and unwanted animals in St. Croix County.  We will strive to assist the community in the prevention of animal suffering and abuse through rescuing and re-homing of animals. 

Gregory’s Gift of Hope will  attempt to educate the community through general awareness to the problem through advertising and fundraisers and through educational awareness made by visits to schools.

Our rescue/re-home
program is always in need of donations
See our wish list!

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Mally's Sunshine Kennels, LLC is a proud sponsor of Gregory's Gift of Hope
Wi State License #279536-DS

Mally’s Sunshine Kennels, LLC & Gregory’s Gift of Hope, INC
1374 HWY 65, New Richmond, WI 54017  |  Phone: (715) 246 - 2467  |  Hours: Open Daily From 8am-12pm & 4pm-8pm
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