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Feel free to call or stop in during public visiting hours for more information about any of our animals. 
All rescues are currently kept and cared for on-site unless otherwise noted.

Gregory’s Gift of Hope, INC
1374 HWY 65
New Richmond, WI 54017

(715) 246 - 2467* 

Public Visiting Hours
For Cats
Daily; 9am -12pm & 5pm - 8pm

Public Visiting Hours
For Dogs:
Wed.; 9am -12pm & 5pm - 8pm
Sat.; 9am - 12pm
Sun.; 5pm - 8pm
(Drop-ins outside of the above visiting hours will not be serviced. Other times by appointment only.)

*If leaving a message, please allow 24-48 hours for a return call.  We do our best to return messages in a timely manner, but sometimes our animals require our immediate attention and messages must wait. Thank you for your patience!

            Gregory's Gift of Hope is a no-kill animal rescue/re-home program serving 
                       western Wisconsin's St. Croix, Pierce, and surrounding 



We want to make sure that you are getting all the latest news and information from GGOH and sometimes we have a lot to share. Therefore, please note that the following articles are found here on our Home page; scroll down through these articles to view.

HELP SAVE OUR RESCUE - we need YOUR help!  
            Click Here --> GoFundMe - Help Save Our Rescue
*  "RUMMAGE FOR THE RESCUES" SALE - Happening this weekend!  May 13-15th.
         Beyond rummage sale items, we will have food, music, and other vendors participating who will be 
         donating a portion of their sales to GGOH.  Click here to keep abreast of our rummage sale happenings. 

OUR NEW SANCTUARY PROGRAM IS UNDER WAY! - in response to a growing need for long-term
         care, GGOH has implemented a sanctuary program for both cats and dogs.  This is an evolving program but,
         we are well under way and happy to report our official launch of this new endeavor.


*  ALLIE CONTINUES TO RECOVER - funds still needed to successfully complete rehabilitation program.
          Allie is also ready for adoption so if you are interested, please stop in to meet her.
*  CRITICAL CROSSROADS ~ A CALL FOR ACTION! become a sustaining member and help 
        save a life.

Click Here ---->  GoFundMe - Help Save Our Rescue

Meet Timber.  Timber is the product of dog fighting.  Gregory's Gift of Hope was called to help when Timber was found by a local resident wandering in their yard.  One look at Timber and we knew we had to help.  Timber is covered in scars, is very under-weight and has visible signs of pain and discomfort when walking due to bone injuries that were not treated properly.  Timber suffered greatly at the hands of some pretty despicable humans - we could not let this sweet dog live the rest of his life knowing only pain and suffering.  Even with all of his injuries and with all of the mistreatment he has endured, he remains the sweetest dog and will shower you with kisses and tail wags when you greet him.  How could we say no to this - we couldn't!

Now to the guts of the matter - Timber's care is going to be costly, and our little no-kill rescue is in dire need of funding to continue with our mission of saving and helping those in need.  A GoFundMe campaign has been created by one of our dedicated volunteers - you'll find the link above.  We would be more than appreciative if you would consider making a donation and sharing this campaign with family and friends.  We've been here when the community has needed us and now, we need our community to step up and be there for us.  

We will continue to post updates on Timber here on our website as well as on our Facebook page and on the GoFundMe campaign site.  Please continue reading below Timber's photo for the most recent update on his progress.

An update on Timber from GGOH's founder:  Today Timber is recuperating from being neutered and looked over, receiving x-rays of his legs and back to see if he has any injuries we might have been missing. This dog has had a horrible life at the hands of some pretty terrible humans. But this dog is loving and trusting and only wants to please. He has been starved so when food is brought out he is focused on only one thing yet he will take the food so gently from you. He was starved and forced to be thrown in a pen with other dogs that too have had despicable things done to them. I am saddened by such cruel and heartless individuals in our society who will stoop to such low levels to make a dollar. These precious souls did nothing to anyone and are defenseless to their predator. How very sad these people walk among us with no regard for life. We thank you all who know THESE LIVES MATTER and are making a donation to our rescue efforts. Many animals in need have crossed the GGOH doorstep over these past 12 years, in need of a hand. WE HAVE BEEN THERE FOR THEM; PLEASE HELP US CONTINUE TO HELP THEM!
The following was submitted for immediate (press) release on
March 15, 2016:

Gregory's Gift of Hope To Create 
Animal Sanctuary Program

Gregory's Gift of Hope (GGOH), a no-kill animal rescue/shelter serving St. Croix, Pierce and surrounding 
counties, is launching a sanctuary program in response to the growing number of discarded animals who are in need of life-long care and love.

Animals entering this program will initially transition from their existing adoption program but in the future, and as space allows, the program will also be open to animals coming to the facility who are in need of care until they are called “home”.

Two areas of their current facility will be designated as sanctuary space. "Rusty's Room" will be dedicated to a very special feline who passed from cancer after a lengthy stay at Gregory's and "Kelso's Kennels" will be dedicated to one of their current canines who will be the first rescue animal to enter into this new sanctuary program.

GGOH Animal Rescue was founded in 2004 by Colleen O’Shaughnessy out of her passion for animal welfare. Their mission is to offer refuge, nourishment and medical attention to injured, abused, abandoned, homeless and discarded animals. The organization is operated entirely by dedicated unpaid volunteers who donate their time.  This means that any funds entering the program can go straight to caring for the animals. They currently receive no city, county or government funding.

GGOH is looking for businesses or private individuals to become sustaining donors, for their continued rescue efforts, sponsors for the new sanctuary spaces and their ongoing local community adoption and fundraising events.

To learn more please visit www.ggoh-inc.com or contact Colleen O’Shaughnessy by email at 

coshaughnessy@yahoo.com or (715) 246-2467.



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orange donate button above to help Allie today.  If you wish, you can make a notation in the notes to seller that your donation is for Allie's recovery care.  Continue below to read Allie's story ...

Allie's back story:  Allie came to GGOH in December 2015 when her owners brought her to a veterinary office to be euthanized.  Allie was presented to the veterinary's office in need of surgery to repair a torn ACL but even so, when called upon, GGOH agreed to help.  The repair was made and Allie came to GGOH to rest, recoup, and recover.  Unfortunately, the repair did not hold and while trying to adjust to the pain from that injury, Allie used her good leg too much and tore the other ACL. On Tuesday, February 2nd, Allie had double ACL surgery and remains with us at the facility where she is receiving 24 hour care.  


Our sweet Allie is recuperating from her double TPLO so nicely. She is now 6 weeks post surgery and is walking very well and seems to be getting all of her energy back; really, that energy was pretty much back about 3 days later! She was very cooperative for a couple weeks with being contained in a crate within her kennel when not out taking potty breaks. She then figured out how to get our attention to "LET ME OUTTA THIS THING". Allie began banging her head on the roof of the crate and trying to break the little windows on the crate's sides. She just wanted to watch us go by her kennel and be able to see all the action going on around her more clearly. She really has been a great trooper through all of this.

Allie is available for adoption now anytime. She will still need to take it a little easy for a few more weeks but should have no more problems with her legs. This is one tough dog who is a great big baby and loves to be spoiled. If you think you might like to give her a furever home stop in and meet this precious gal.



Gregory's Gift of Hope has found itself in a tough spot; a critical crossroads.

For several months now, GGOH has been walking the tightrope of time, hoping to reach the other side without faltering or falling. We have been struggling to keep our facility open to the public due to lack of funds coupled with the intake of several animals that have been in need of critical care.  As a rescue organization with a no-kill philosophy, this is very upsetting to all of us here who volunteer our time on a daily basis - we shudder to think that the unthinkable is very near to becoming reality. Day-to-day we hope and pray that we can continue our mission of helping those in need, both those who have yet to cross our doorstep as well as those that are currently in our care. It's stressful and troublesome but, there is hope, and that hope begins with YOU.  

It is difficult and heartbreaking to continually ask for help, but it must be done; if we do not ask, we will not receive. We currently have very few who have pledged their help by becoming a monthly sponsor and an even lesser amount of individuals who have chosen to donate on a regular basis.  Please understand that we greatly appreciate every penny we receive and to those of you who do donate regularly, your generosity is not overlooked - we are thankful for what you have been able to give and we consider you all part of our GGOH family.  Sadly though, our family is quite small. We NEED to grow our support pool and we must do it with a sense of urgency.  Now is the time to take action; we are very close to closing our doors but we have faith that this can be turned around.  

There are many ways that you can help:  

1) PLEASE consider becoming a sustaining member as this is the number one way that will help keep us from going under; you can pledge via PayPal using the "Donate" option above or you can pledge to help on a regular basis via other means (i.e. mailed donations or donations dropped off at our facility in person);

2) Making a payment on our veterinary bills ~ New Richmond Vet @ 715-246-4800 $10,100.00 balance; Hudson Pet Hospital @ 715-386-3511 $4,500.00 balance;

3) Making a donation toward our heating costs for the upcoming winter months ~ an average monthly bill during a mild winter season runs approximately $1,000.00 - $1,350.00; or

4) Pledge to sponsor your favorite rescue or sponsor a rescue who is currently receiving special medical care (ex: we have several rescues right now who are receiving medical care for treatable types of cancer).

While this may be harsh, we cannot hide the truth - without help from the animal loving community which includes people such as yourself, our rescue mission will not be able to continue, and hundreds of helpless animals in need will perish. Please do not let this happen; we know we can turn this around with your help.  Make a pledge today and share our mission with your family and friends - sharing our story and our mission will help to take us in the right direction.

For your generosity, compassion, and understanding, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts & paws! 


 Please review our fencing
 policy before contacting us 
 regarding canine adoptions.  
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